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ebDGVHevMTleahnl (17.09.2012 17:20:16)
binoculars and 100 deep space objects for lagerr binoculars. This is good because amateur astronomers who are into binocular astronomy eventually get giant binoculars. But you should still start of with and keep the medium sized ones. These maps are probably best used along with a lagerr star atlas such as the Tirion 2000 to help figure out just where one is in the sky.My only question with this book, and I took no points away for it, because it is more a matter of opinion, is why does the author have birding binoculars on the front cover? On page 40 he claims to see as much of the night sky through his 10 42 roofs as his 10 50 porros. This speaks perhaps more to the author's smaller dilating pupils than the binoculars, which may be the reason he can't see more through the porros. This may be misleading to a budding astronomer with young eyes, which can become more dilated in darkness and be able to take advantage of 10x50s or even 7x50s for that matter. The latter would let in more light, which would be wasted on someone with less than a 5mm exit pupil.Overall, a good read and resource. Personally, I use Binocular Highlights by Gary Saronik and Celestial Sampler by Sue French, which I find a little more user friendly. As well, when I am doing some serious observing, I bring along The Night Sky Observers Guide and always the Tirion 2000 Sky Atlas. If I bring nothing else, I always bring that last one.


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aIFPbcsZEQaJgFzTiZY (09.06.2011 17:19:34)
Good to see a tnalet at work. I can’t match that.

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