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RhAnCJGL (13.02.2013 13:53:01)
I'm not sure what you mean by some technology : every tpcosleee I've owned has involved some technology, such as mirror and lens making. bearings, etc. Do you mean computerized finding or tracking? Hard to get that in combination with decent optics in your price range. I'd forget the computers and go for a decent sized mirror, since it will help you see what you find, while a small computerized scope will let you find things that you can't see.The best you can do for 350 quid is the Skyliner-200P 203mm Dobsonian Telescope:It's made by Synta, the same company as made you 114eq tpcosleee.Here are a few web pages with good information on beginner's tpcosleees:For more advanced information, read Phil Harrington's Star Ware, 4th edition (Wiley).You'll get the greatest value for your money with a Newtonian reflector on a Dobsonian mount, such as these:Buy from a store which specializes in tpcosleees and astronomy, either locally or online; don't buy from department stores, discount stores or eBay as mostly what they sell is junk. Find your local astronomy club and try out different tpcosleees at one of their star parties:I strongly recommend that beginners steer clear of astrophotography until they have learned their way around the sky. Astrophotography is by far the most expensive and difficult area of amateur astronomy.Many people who buy tpcosleees have no idea how to find interesting things to observe. A good introduction to finding things is NightWatch by Terence Dickinson (Firefly). A more advanced book is Star Watch by Phil Harrington (Wiley).


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yzKquSUJJrDF (19.10.2012 11:18:00)
Not just common. It is vitalruly the norm. Even those with large telescopes have at least one pair of binoculars for wide field scanning.A good all purpose size is 10 50 which you can use with or without a tripod (and adapter). Larger sizes almost always need a tripod. You will get better views of the sky away from light pollution, and those who actually hunt comets (usually with larger binoculars in the 80-120mm range) invariably do so well away from urban sky glow.


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DwMVwcUwcMKvYj (16.10.2012 04:06:01)
I used my Power Tank (17Amp version) for a whole year. After many monhts of bad weather, I stored it away with my Telescope. Six monhts of unattended storage were enough to kill the battery. I should had read the manual before putting it away for so long. These tanks need to be recharged at least once a month in order to preserve the cell inside. These power tanks contain a sealed dry 12Volt battery cell inside. One can probably replace it, but it in my case, the cost for the 17amp version is roughly $40 plus the risk of installation. I decided to get a new Power Tank 7Amp version because it is more than enough for my Telescope (Meade LX200GPS). In conclusion, the power tank is a must have for large 12Vdc telescopes, but one must take very good care of charging it at least once a month in order to get maximum lifetime of the product.


EUvhxkxTUTOmMmdpbFZ (15.10.2012 20:45:02)
This is a great book for anyone who is itesrneted in astronomy but hasn't had the resources to learn about it. It gives you information on the planets, stars, galaxies, etc. in easy to understand words. Don't be surprised if the reader of this book becomes infatuated with the sky, it is seriously an awesome subject to learn about and this book will guide you in the right direction to become an expert on the universe.

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